Your website, your way.

Step 1: Planning

The first step towards creating a website is, of course, planning its functions.

Our team will take care of retrieving all the useful information and brainstorm ideas, to build an appealing look on the top of the right content and structure, and create a rough sketch of the project.

Step 2: Coding

Once the basics are defined, it is time to build the framework of the whole website: its data structure and logic.

We will establish the relation between pages, and create the “server-side” logic (that is, the programming part). The website will come to life, and will be fully functional and accessible. But, you know, it would look flat out ugly without some&ellip;

Applications and technologies used:

Step 3: Styling

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but a well-designed website is always a pleasure to look at. Very few people will read through your web page when it is not appealing to their sight. That is why we pay attention to what your potential customers will face once they type the address in their browser bar. You want a flashy website or you would rather have a streamlined interface? You pick, we create.

Applications and technologies used:

Step 4: Testing

At this point, the website may seem done. But every developer knows that the most critical part comes now.

Due to the variety of browsers available, the way the page behaves might change drastically from one computer to another. In the testing phase, we will make sure everything runs smoothly for every browser made on this side of the millennium.

Browsers used for testing: